Danny & Danielle Vinson are excited to work with Waters of Mercy Church of God (Independent) to implement another rock solid ministry.
They have been blessed to work in children's ministry for over 14 years and are airing a vlog each Tuesday for the month of September on Waters of Mercy Ministries' Facebook page!

September's coffee chat topic is "Battle Ready Believers" and our goal is that with the Tuesday Teachings and the available printables, you're standing in a place better able to connect with your children about the most important aspect of their lives, God.

Be blessed! Be encouraged! Be an encouragement to others!

Click here to access our free printable Children's Ministry materials!

Root Children's Ministry is growing!

Danny & Danielle Vinson


This husband and wife team have worked in children's ministry in various capacities over the course of 14 years.  From assisting teachers to starting & implementing children's programs, this team has been involved in every area of children's ministry.  Their knowledge is vast & their love for seeing people grow with God is endless.  



*What does Children's ministry look like during the health struggles our societies are currently facing?

We get asked this question quite frequently and our honest answer is, it doesn't look the way it used to, but that doesn't mean it can't be great. In our effort to please God and also abide by rules and guidelines set forth by our local governmental bodies; we have had to restructure our children's ministry. Every Sunday morning the children are provided with a packet that they can take to their seats (with their families). The packet contains worksheets, things to read, activities, take home information for parents, and even surprises sometimes! For the time being, we are asking that children sit with their parents during service and we are not separating children into separate rooms according to age.  

*How can I keep my kid quiet during church?

We don't want ANYONE to be quiet the entire service! First of all, we understand that children are children, babies are babies, adults are adults, and babies cry! Toddlers are hard to keep still, every parent knows this! We don't expect it. Heaven isn't going to be a silent place, we hope that God's people find it difficult to sit in silence when they're in the presence of such power and majesty as the house of God contains. We do expect that if babies are crying to the point they could be a distraction to others that their parents would stand in the foyer with them until they feel like it's okay to bring them back in. We do live stream services, and it's certainly difficult for home viewers to hear the speaking and preaching over the cries of a baby and/or the loud boisterous talking of a very excited toddler. Movie theater manners is a good way to explain this to kids and it seems to be something they can relate to. If movie theater manners doesn't help, try mentioning the library or some other place they've been where they have to use inside voices and feet that walk. Our point is, don't let the fear of a baby or a kid being loud keep you for worshipping God the way you know He loves and deserves to be worshipped. We have a wonderful congregation full of people who are full of love. You won't be judged here, you'll be welcomed with arms wide open and treated as if you are family.